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Emily A Scherer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science
Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine

Biomedical Data Science
Community and Family Medicine

PhD in Biostatistics, Boston University 2010
MS in Math: Statistics, University of New Hampshire 2000

Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Quantitative Biomedical Sciences


Contact Information:

Office: Rubin 886
Phone: 603-653-9060
Email: Emily.A.Scherer@Dartmouth.edu

Selected Publications:


  • Scherer EA, Huang L, Shrier LA Application of Correlated Time-to-Event Models to Ecological Momentary Assessment Data. Psychometrika (In press)

  • Scherer EA, Ben-Zeev D, Li Z, Kane JM Analyzing mHealth: Joint Models for Intensively Collected User Engagement Data. JMIR mHealth and uHealth (in press)

  • Blood EA, Trent M, Gordon CM, Resnick M, Fortenberry JD, Boyer CB, Richardson L, Emans SJ. Leadership in adolescent health: developing the next generation of maternal child health leaders through mentorship. Maternal Child Health Journal 2015 Feb; 19(2):308-313

  • Blood EA, Bickham DS, Shrier LA, Rich, M. Evaluating multiple intensively collected media use measures: validity and reliability of momentary assessments. Communication Methods and Measures 2015; 9(3):170-187

  • Kapur K, Li X, Blood EA, Hedeker D Bayesian mixed-effects location and scale models for multivariate longitudinal outcomes: an application to ecological momentary assessment data. Statistics in Medicine 2015; 34(4): 630-651

  • Blood EA, Kalish LA, Shrier LA. Estimating Heterogeneous Intra-class Correlation Coefficients in Dyadic Ecological Momentary Assessment. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 2013; 12(1):207-19

  • Blood EA, Shrier LA. The Temporal Relationship Between Momentary Affective States and Condom Use in Depressed Adolescents. Archives of Sexual Behavior 2013; 42(7)1209-16

  • Blood EA, Cheng DM. Non-linear mixed models in the analysis of mediated longitudinal data with binary outcome. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2012; 12:5

  • Blood EA, Cheng DM The use of mixed models for the analysis of mediated data with time-dependent predictors. Journal of Environmental and Public Health 2011

  • Blood EA, Cabral H, Heeren T, Cheng DM. Performance of mixed effects models in the analysis of mediated longitudinal data. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2010; 10:16