• Geisel School of Medicine does not discriminate against students with disabilities.
  • Students with disabilities have both rights and responsibilities.
  • In order to progress through Geisel and graduate, all students must be able to meet the Essential Standards for Matriculation, Promotion, and Graduation including the Standards for Capacity, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Specific accommodations for a disability are explored on an individual basis once a student makes that request and provides acceptable documentation.
  • Requests for accommodation must be made by an initial contact to William H. Eidtson, EdD in the Office of Medical Education.
  • The CSD gives official approval regarding disability status and accommodation.
  • The particular needs of each student, as well as the essential components of each course and clerkship, are taken into careful consideration when determining accommodations.
  • Whereas Geisel may not always be able to meet every accommodation preference a student expresses, it does its best to arrive at solutions that work well for students.
  • Disability information is considered private, and is shared only with those who have an educational interest within the Geisel system.
  • Support is available throughout a student's course of study to coordinate accommodations, answer questions, help with learning and performance strategies, resolve problems, and provide supportive counseling.
  • All efforts are made to educate faculty, providing information and helping them understand disability issues more thoroughly.

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