Students Rights & Responsibilities

All students with disabilities should be familiar with the detailed policies and procedures described throughout this section of the Handbook and on the Learning Services webpage. Some of the most fundamental information, however, is highlighted below.

Qualified students with disabilities have a right to:

  • Full consideration in promotion processes.
  • Reasonable accommodation, when appropriate, to insure equal access to the Geisel curriculum, programs, and activities.
  • Respect for privacy in the dissemination of disability information.
  • Support from the Office of Medical Education.
  • Non-discrimination by Geisel faculty and staff.
  • An appeal process, if necessary.

Qualified students with disabilities have a responsibility to:

  • Meet all Geisel Essential Standards for Matriculation, Promotion, and Graduation - as appropriate at each stage of medical education - with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Declare a disability, or suspected disability, in writing (if seeking accommodation).
  • Provide professional documentation that meets posted Geisel criteria.
  • Work with Dr. Eidtson to request, implement, update, and/or modify any accommodations.
  • Request any accommodation in a timely manner from Dr. Eidtson, coordinators for exams, clerkship coordinators, faculty, and designated others who may be directly involved in providing accommodation.
  • Comply with Geisel policies and procedures regarding students with disabilities, as well as all other policies that apply to Geisel medical students.

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