Committee on Students with Disabilities

The Committee on Students with Disabilities (CSD) serves as a faculty advisory committee regarding student disability issues. The CSD provides the foundation to interact in an informed and accountable fashion with those in charge of the educational mission at Geisel, and it supports the goal of equal access for all qualified students with disabilities (SWDs).

The Chair of the CSD is a faculty member with understanding of disability issues in a medical school setting. The Committee also includes representation from the clinical faculty, the basic science faculty, Dartmouth Counsel, the undergraduate Office for Equal Access, and Geisel Admissions. At least three regular members must be present for a binding decision to be reached by the Committee. (Other Dartmouth/Geisel faculty or administrators may be called in to meetings on a consultation basis.) Regular members may not have grading responsibilities for Geisel students, and they are expected to recuse themselves from decision-making should there be any conflict of interest with a particular student.

A wide variety of disability concerns may be discussed by the CSD, however its primary functions are as follows:

  1. The CSD considers summary aspects of the documentation provided by all students with disabilities, and helps to foresee potential challenges these students might face. The Committee then offers thoughts on creating equal opportunities for these individuals through accommodation. The Committee may also make suggestions for students/faculty that do not necessarily constitute accommodation per se.
  2. CSD helps to insure that essential aspects of the curriculum - as well as the safety of students, faculty, staff, and patients - are taken into adequate consideration in the accommodation process.
  3. The CSD formally recognizes the disability status of students, and it gives final approval for all accommodation plans.
  4. The CSD helps to resolve any student disability issues at, including student or faculty appeals. And it approves substantive changes in the policies and procedures used by Geisel.

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