Executive & Administrative Leadership

Wiley "Chip" Souba, MD, ScD, MBA
Vice President for Health Affairs, Dartmouth College
Dean, Geisel School of Medicine

Charles R. Mannix, JD, MPA
Associate Dean
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Notestine, PhD
Associate Dean for Advancement

Clinical Affairs

Gregg Meyer, MD, MSc
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Andrew Gettinger, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Informatics

Faculty Affairs

Leslie Henderson, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Faith R. Goodness, MBA
Director of Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Retention and Support
603-650-1202 (fax)

Medical Education

Richard Simons, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

Richard Rothstein, MD
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education

Marc Bertrand, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education


Duane Compton, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Research

Student Services

Ann Davis, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Student Services