Scholarly Dissemination

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Selected Publications

Bazos D, Schifferdecker KE, Fedrizzi R, Holbeke J, Ruggles L, Goldsberry Y. Action-Learning Collaboratives as a Platform for Community-Based Participatory Research to Advance Obesity Prevention. Journal of Healthcare of the Poor and Underserved. 2013; 24 (2) (Supplement): 61-79.

Reed VA, Schifferdecker KE, Turco M. Motivating and Assessing Continuing Medical Education Learning Outcomes Via a Personal Learning Plan©. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions. 2012; 32(4): 287-294.

Reed VA, Schifferdecker KE, Rezaee ME, O'Connor S., & Larson, RJ. The effect of computers for weight loss: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2012; 27(1): 99-108.

Schifferdecker KE, Reed VA. Using mixed methods research in medical education: Basic guidelines for researchers. Medical Education. 2009; 43: 637-644.

Schifferdecker KE, Berman NB, Fall LH, Fischer MR. Adoption of computer-assisted learning in medical education: the educators' perspective. Medical Education. 2012; 46(11): 1063-1073.

Selected Presentations

Schifferdecker KE, O'Connor S, Butcher RL, Adachi-Mejia AM, Imset I, Bazos DA. InSHAPE(R) Together: A multilevel, intergenerational, community-based program to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Nov 2-6, 2013.

Ruggles L, Fedrizzi R, Bazos DA, Schifferdecker KE, Hoebeke J, Goldsberry Y. Active learning collaboratives: A framework for CBPR in three communities. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Nov 2-6, 2013.

Aytur S, Butcher R, Carlson C, Schifferdecker KE, Madol R, Fechner S, Gabriel K, Jing J. Youth as change agents for healthy neighborhood environments: The Manchester photovoice project. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Nov 2-6, 2013.

O'Connor, S, Forrester, JH, & Conway, P. Where are they now? Using technology to track undergraduate student researchers: perspectives from three rural states. 27th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association in Washington, DC. October, 2013.