Sponsored Activities

By any standard the Department of Community and Family Medicine hosts an impressive research portfolio with total direct dollars from sponsored activities averaging between $30-40 million dollars per year, which includes all grants and contracts by faculty with CFM as primary appointment and/or administered by the department. Much of this strength can be attributed to the interdisciplinary nature of faculty interests. The Department's research can be categorized into six major categories: Education, Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Spine Center, Primary Care Research, Mental Health Services Research, and Interactive and Networked Research.

To contact a Principal Investigator on a grant, you can email them directly at firstname.lastname@dartmouth.edu. You can also locate them through the Department's main telephone line -- 603-650-1771.

Total Annual Direct Costs: $31,881,892 *

Last Updated: 7/11/05