Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ARC open?

The office is open Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm. It is closed during lunch, which is from 11:30 to 12:30.

When is my protocol due?

All protocols are to be submitted by Noon on the last day of the preceding month.

When will I hear from the Committee on the status on my protocol submission?

The Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Investigators submitting protocols to the committee will generally receive an email and letter within five working days detailing the Committee concerns (if any) with the protocol.

When should a protocol change/modification be submitted to the IACUC?

Any change to the protocol must always be submitted to the IACUC. Modifications include: Location, funding, personnel added/removed, PI change, new procedures, new species, additional animals, method of euthanasia, change in anesthesia/analgesia.

When does my protocol expire?

The protocol expires on its third anniversary. Letters are sent to investigators beginning 90 days before the expiration date. If you do not submit your protocol until the month that it expires, you risk interruption of your research. The IACUC will neither expedite review of your protocol nor will it be processed at an accelerated rate.

Who can serve as the Principal Investigator on the protocol?

It is in the best interests of the institution to have a member of the faculty assume the responsibility. Once the protocol is approved, it serves as a contract between Dartmouth College and the research lab. For more information, please visit the Office of Sponsored Projects.

We've recently had a new person join our lab, and will be adding a second very shortly. What do we need to do to add them to our animal protocols?

The Primary Investigator of the protocol must complete a Personnel Sheet for the individual. If the person is being added to more than one protocol, put all the protocol numbers affected on the form. Then send it to the IACUC Coordinator, and sign up for an ACUP Orientation.

I would like to import some animals from the University of XXXXX (or another non-commercial source). Can you tell me what I need to do to import these animals?

Once steps 1 - 3 are completed and the Import/Export Coordinator has received the completed form and health reports. The health report will be reviewed by the Vet staff. If the health reports look clean then we will send a letter approving the shipment. If the health reports are not clean then we will not allow you to import animals from this source. If you have any questions about this process or need any help, please contact the ARC Import/Export Coordinator:

ARC Import/Export Coordinator
ARC, Dartmouth Medical School
Phone # 603-650-7528
Fax # 603-650-6603

Where can I obtain the Animal Subjects Review Form (ASRF) to submit to the IACUC?

The ASRF can be downloaded here.

I am an Investigator who is leaving Dartmouth - what do I need to do to transfer my protocols to someone else?

This a protocol modification request. A request must be submitted to the IACUC Coordinator, listing the protocol(s) you wish to transfer, and the PI who will be taking over the protocol.

For every protocol the new investigator will be assuming, Section A of the protocol will need to be updated to reflect the change. A personnel sheet must also be submitted.

My protocol has NIH funds, but it also has Departmental funds - do I still need the Department Chair's signature for the signature page?


Does my modification need to be reviewed by the full IACUC?

Modifications that do not require full committee review include: adding new personnel to the protocol, removing personnel from the protocol, adding animals if the number requested is less than 10% of the originally approved number, procedural changes that do not cause pain or distress to the animal. Please note that any modification may be brought to the IACUC at the discretion of the ARC Director.