Community Service

Eighty-one percent of first and secondyear students who responded to a recent survey said they had joined in at least one community-service project. Here, it's easy to get involved, thanks in part to the student-run Community Service Committee, which sponsors more than 24 community education and service programs. Whether you are interested in volunteering at a clinic for underserved populations, becoming buddies with a child with special needs, or singing at hospitals and nursing homes, you will find an opportunity to contribute to your community your way.

"At Dartmouth, students want to do good works even while they're in medical school because, at the end of the day, that's what medicine is all about--going beyond the scope of academics and working in a community, improving the health of a population."
—Rahim Nazerali,
Geisel Year Two

A medical student with a friend from the Buddies Program A medical student enjoys time with a friend from the Buddies Program.

"Volunteering in the community allows you to maintain your perspective."

DMS Schweitzer Fellows and other student volunteers Geisel School Schweitzer Fellows and other student volunteers recently teamed up with faculty and administrators as part of Common Good Day, a program to connect the Geisel School with the surrounding Upper Valley communities. The volunteers branched out in seven locations to clear nature trails and bike paths, prepare meals and clean outreach houses.

Volunteer opportunities include: Good Neighbor Health Clinic • The Dermatones • International Medical Supplies Project • Live Free Smoke Free • Patient Partnership Program • Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team